Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitters Safir-M 7xxx

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Smart Absolute Pressure Transmitters Safir-M 7xxx

The smart absolute pressure transmitters Safir-M 7xxx, developed by the Research and Development Department of “Manometer Factory”, possess high accuracy and reliability due to the operation of a sensitive element made of monocrystal silicon, as well as a robust electronic module.

The pressure transmitters Safir-M 7xxx are convenient and versatile in various industries. Among the advantages of the transmitters is multiprocessor system – a dot-matrix display, receiving and transmitting data via HART protocol, user settings in the choice of language, parameters of measurement and data processing.

In comparison with digital Safir-M 5xxx the smart pressure transmitters Safir-M 7xxx have higher metrological characteristics and an increased range of reconfiguration

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