My name is Volodymyr Lebedynskiy, for more than 20 years I’m the general director of “Manometer Factory” (“Manometr-Kharkiv”) the leading pressure transmitters manufacturer in Ukraine.

Very narrow specialization of our enterprise (development and production of pressure transmitters), high technical characteristics of our product, availability of the entire production processes for all transmitters components, our attentive work with customers, the service support of the product during its whole lifetime – these are the factors, which make it possible for us to compete with world leaders on Ukrainian market. A good  product knowledge and availability of the process technology gives us the possibility to solve all possible tasks when measuring pressure in the range of 40 Pa to 100 MPa, temperature -40 to +80 °C under the impact of different outer factors like vibration, humidity, ionizing radiation and others.

High reliability of our products is confirmed by many years of exploitation in very difficult technological processes, including nuclear power industry . 

The presented website contains information about our product range.

We are sure we can help you!

Looking forward to collaboration,
Volodymyr Lebedynskiy



Manometer Factory (initially Manometr-Kharkiv) was established in 1997. The initial capital was team, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and some money. Now we are the leading company at the Ukrainian instrumentation market.


We develop, produce and maintain modern instrumentation for process control system, ensuring safe, effective, predictable operation of our consumers’ production systems, anticipating their needs for development and improvement, which ultimately increases technological safety and the well-being of society.

Manometer Factory


  • Priv. JSC „Manometr-Kharkiv“ is the official supplier of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company „Enetroatom“ (Ukraine).
  • The development of new products is coordinated with NNEGC Energoatom and SNIRU. Qualification tests and experimental exploitation at NPP’s are completed.
  • Quality control is certified by NNEGC Energoatom
  • All nuclear grade pressure transmitters are controlled by specialists of the conformity assestment body „CERTATOM“ before shippment to the end user.
  • Priv. JSC „Manometr-Kharkiv“ cunducts annual workshops for NPP personnel
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1997 Foundation of the enterprise.

1999 The first pressure transmitter Safir supplied to customer. The series is still on demand.

2001 National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM approved the implementation of pressure transmitters Safir at Ukrainian NPP’s.

2002 The new series of pressure transmitters Safir-M with microprocessor electronic module was launched.

2003 Manometr-Kharkiv is approved as official supplier of ENERGOATOM.

2006 The first delivery to European Union member country.

2007 Electronic module has been improved to the requirements of the EMC.

2008 Quality management system has been certificated by ISO 9001-2008 requirements.

The beginning of the mass production of Heat Energy Calculators.

2009 Start of serial production of the own silicon sensing element.

2010 Serial production and supply of submersible level transmitters Safir, Safir-M.