Pressure transmitters’ racks

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Pressure transmitters’ racks

Pressure transmitters’ racks and add-ons to the racks are designed to have pressure transmitters or pressure gauges installed on them. The panels can be equipped with either pressure transmitters “Safir” or other transmitters with similar mounting and connecting dimensions.

All products can be used at nuclear power plants and are manufactured according to the relevant technical specifications. Pressure transmitters’ racks can be made in one-/two-/three-position  variants.

The main components of the racks are: stainless steel frame and piping. Pipes of corrosion-resistant steel are manufactured according to special specifications. In the function of stop valves nuclear grade bellows valves are used.

The design of the panels meets the most hard requirements: they remain operable with seismic effects at altitudes up to 70 m with a maximum estimated earthquake of eight points intensity, they withstand repeated treatment with decontamination solutions.